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    Radium art center offers a variety of high-quality educational programs by selecting excellent contemporary art from home and abroad. In November of 2018 Radium Art Center formerly established in 1992 as Dong Baek Art Center, newly relocated a minute’s walk away from Haeundae Beach. Boasting in a space of approximately 450 square meters including 5 gallery rooms and lecture rooms, The art center also offers a espresso bar ‘Curie’, an art shop ‘Dolly’ where gifts such as art prints, postcards, handmade French plush sculptures and early 20th century antiques, and also ‘Boutique de Radium’ which all items from Boutique de Louvre France, and can be purchased. Having diverse goals, we are not only limited to showing art in different forms, but we also strive to educate and inspire. Visitors can come alone and view at their own pace, in groups and follow a customized education program, or have a one on one guided tour.

    Radium current image 2018

    Radium Art Center 2013

    Dong Beak Art Center 1992