• Mas was born in Nice, he joined l’Ecole de Nice and the fluxus movement in 1973. As stated by Pierre Restany, through the various facets of his work, the artist appears to be synthesizing the spirit of the Ecole de Nice. He gained artistic recognition thanks to the production of a distinctive object: la Cage à Mouche (the Fly Cage). La Cage à Mouche, an essential vehicle of expression for the artist, is seen as an individual mythology within the framework of an attitude art. Artist of ‘the signifier, he developed a prolific artistic matter, among which the ‘PerforMas’, which is a performance of Jean Mas, a signature. His artistic productions revolve around three main areas: plastic, scenic, visual and literary expression. Nowadays, Jean Mas’ works can be seen in a number of galleries in Nice and at the Windsor hotel. Jean Mas keeps the flame of the Ecole de Nice alive, and also the memory of his glorious predecessors, making their tribute through his works and artistic gestures, books and performances.

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