• In 1956 at Arman’s first Cachets exhibition, he met art critic Pierre Restany, with whom in 1960 along with Yves Klein, César, and other artists, became one of the founding members of the Nouveau Réalisme movement and l’Ecole de Nice. After studying in philosophy, Arman attended l’École des Arts Décoratifs in Nice
    (1947-1949) and l’École du Louvre in Paris (1949-1951). In the early 60s he created his first poubelles, accumulations, coupes, colères and combustions. He obtained his American citizenship in 1972. In Paris in 1984 then Minister of Culture Jack Lang presented to him commander badges of l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. In 1995 Arman and Restany participated in the making of the 52 minutes documentary Arman le sculpteur(1998) by Dominik Rimbault. In 1996 the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris showed the retrospective of Arman. French artist Arman was born in Nice, France and died in New York at the age of 76.

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