Radium Art Center is a 20th century contemporary art exhibition place that provides an immersive experience through vanguard and influential artists. Each featured exhibition uses various mediums to aid each viewer’s unique experience. Formerly established in 1992 as the Dongbaek Art Center, Radium Art Center adopted a new name and location on the shores of the famous Haeundae Beach, nestled among South Korea’s most luxurious resorts. At the entrance of the art center, there is the espresso bar ‘Curie’ and a specialty art shop ‘Dolly’ that dons gifts such as art prints, postcards, handmade French plush sculptures, and exclusive items specially shipped from Boutique de Louvre France. Having diverse goals, Radium Art Center not only showcases art in different forms, but also strives to educate and inspire. Visitors can come alone and view at their own pace or follow a customized education program in a group.

Current Radium Art Center 2018~

Radium Art Center 2013

Dong Beak Art Center 1992

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